Friday, January 30, 2009

sixth post

my sixth post on blog spot and i am almost done with the rubric just got to do comments

its like Halloween in January

dressed as hiro nakamura with a sword at school how fun this is going to be cant wait for the all you can eat buffet after school

time is rinning out

its already the last day of block five the last day of blogging need t hurry and get all my credit before the end of the year

Friday, January 23, 2009

after creating a blog i think the most important part of the blog is the posts of course that's were all the information is besides that the second most important part of a blog in my opinion is the links because they let people look through you social network and other people can see diffront blogs you or your friends created

i believe blogging is very beneficial to project wok because it is a way to keep a journal of what you learned everyday if you blog everyday from the start of your project then your blog will show your growth and what you have learned and if you have to back log you can see what you did for your project that day

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